On Wednesday this week, I took part in a night of awards for students of Saint Joseph’s school Katherine.


The theme of the liturgy which was part of the celebration was based on the family.


The family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph was put before us as a model for family life.


Like all families, this family had their challenges.


There was no room in the Inn when Mary gave birth to Jesus.


They had to escape as refugees to Egypt because king Herod wanted to kill Jesus.

They lost Jesus for about three days when He was a boy. etc, etc.


What about the aspersions cast about Mary since Joseph was not the father?


No family is perfect. Yet family is an amazing treasure.


As I saw all the young people coming up for awards I could not help but think of the families who nurtured them.


I spoke about the necessity of respect and commitment. To keep asking the question of myself as to whether I am reacting respectfully in the family.


I also spoke about commitment.


I could not help but think of those parents watching their children coming for awards. What was happening within them?


These parents were the sturdy bow that the archer God used to shoot the arrows into the journey of life.