Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family.

The family of Jesus Mary and Joseph.


Family is the building block of our society.


Human experience and the wisdom of the ages has taught us that a child best flourishes when there is the influence of male and female parental figures. This is often called the psychosexual development of a child.


However human reality is so complex. Members of my own family have been and are single-parent families.


There are so many possibilities that people find themselves in.


Respect is a keyword for families if they are to flourish.


Families have challenges in many forms.


A child needs to experience and know that they are loved and loved unconditionally.


For thousands of years, families have been part of extended families. I know how rich an experience that was for me to know four of my grandparents, one great grandmother, lots of great uncles and aunties and so many uncles, cousins etc.


Many families nowadays find themselves for a variety of reasons as a single unit.

Other families have experienced intergenerational trauma.


Families need support.


As Christians, we are called to reach out and support families.


A family is not meant to be alone.




Image credit: Jessica Rockowitz via Unsplash