Fasting from putting things off

I have noticed that I have a tendency to put difficult things off at times, I guess we all do in varying degrees!


I can feel very ‘virtuous’ when eventually I get around to tidying my office after a period of looking at it and shaking my head!


St Ignatius, that great spiritual teacher used to say, loosely translated, ‘Go for the bullseye’.


What he means is that we name those obstacles that stop our spiritual growth, and with God’s help do something about it!


What bad habits have crept into my life?


Is there a relationship that needs healing in my life? Are there some things that I need to talk to others about?


Are there unanswered questions that I need to seek answers to?


Do I need some discipline to ensure that I make time for prayer and meditation? Do I just leave it to chance?


Do I ensure that I am able to put my good intentions into action? Again, do I need some structure to make this possible so that they are not just aspirations?


Again, the Cardijn method of:


Seeing, Appraising and Acting can be helpful to ensure that we are, not even unconsciously, putting things off…