Fear and love

Love takes risks. Every time we love we take a risk; we make an act of faith and trust.


When we want to be sure all the time, when we want to be absolutely sure that we are not making mistakes then we can become narrow and our world shrinks.


We can become dogmatic; we can limit our acceptance of others. We can become judgmental, and we can lack empathy. We become less likely to accompany others in their journey and more likely to judge them. We can come across as mean. We can become obstacles to others in their spiritual journey.


Jesus encountered this fear in the Pharisees. Their rigidity failed to see what Jesus was doing. They saw His compassion as a threat to their worldview, their image of God.


Most forms of fundamentalism come about because of fear.  Fundamentalists want to be very sure and find letting go of holy insecurity very difficult.


Love drives away fear.

Healthy religion does not hide the truth.

When we face our fears and our mistakes, and our imperfections with love then we grow spiritually.


Have courage says Jesus I have overcome the world (the world of sin ).


We will not be able to fully overcome fear in this life. The more we embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the more we grow in courage and love. It is a journey, a holy adventure…






Image credit: Catholic Link