Forgiveness always

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us to forgive always… ‘Not seven times but seventy-seven times..’


There is a recurring message of forgiveness in the scriptures, especially in the New Testament.


We question, sometimes unconsciously whether we are accepted and forgiven for our faults, mistakes, and sins…


I heard an example of this many years ago:


A husband and wife are having a conversation.


The husband says ‘dear I sometimes wonder if you have really forgiven my past infidelities?’


The wife replies ‘Of course, I have forgiven you dear! But do not ever forget that I have forgiven you!’


A sinner and God :

‘Lord, I sometimes wonder if you have forgiven my many sins and infidelities?’


God replies ‘Sins? What sins? I cannot remember any!’


We are liberated and loved by God’s unconditional love!


When we do not forgive it is so often because of our insecurities and fears.


Forgiveness of others liberates us and heals us.


When we are not able to forgive we stunt our own growth and freedom and the recognition that we are unconditionally loved.


Lord help me to have the courage and freedom to forgive… and to accept your loving and healing forgiveness…