Francis Xavier

Sunday was the feast of St Francis Xavier.

He met Ignatius of Loyola while he was studying in Paris, where he was studying law.

Ignatius, who had gone through his conversion, was studying to become a priest.

He asked Francis what he intended to do with his life.

He replied that he wanted to become a famous lawyer who brought honour to his family.

‘What will you do then?‘ asked Ignatius.

He kept on asking questions until he said, ‘Then I will die like anyone else!’

‘What will you take with you?‘ was the response!


Eventually, Francis joined the first group of what we now call the ‘Jesuits’.

Francis went off to Goa in India, Malacca, Japan, and eventually just got into China when he died of exhaustion and fever on the Island of Shangchuan…

He made a huge number of converts.

He fought against the exploitation of the local people by the colonists.


Francis was a great missionary. He spent himself spreading the Gospel.

Each one of us is called to give of ourselves, each in our own vocation…

When we give ourselves, we find ourselves…