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I keep an aviary with some birds.  There is a mixture of canaries, some finches, and some other small birds.

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that one particular canary always gets worked-up and rather aggressive every time I put in some extra food in the morning.  I put in plenty of lettuce, some shredded fruit, and a few slices of cucumber, as well as about a third of a boiled egg, scattered everywhere.

As soon as the food is put in the aviary, this bird gets very defensive and attacks the other birds, who want to eat, who happen to be anywhere near him!

He does this even though there is so much food around, certainly enough for everyone.

Once again, I have often seen this behaviour by this bird as a parallel to what humans do so often!

There is enough food and resources in the world for us all to use.

However, how many wars, how much blood has been spilt over land, resources, power, and human ambition?

That bird does not need to act like he does, and I do not understand why he does it.  He just wants the food and does not want the others to have it!

Human greed, and the lust for power, is an imbalance.  We certainly are entitled to have food so as to live healthy lives.  We need to protect our families and ourselves from aggression and harm.  However, so often our actions go far over and above this.

This does not just apply to human leaders and rulers.  It applies to many everyday activities.

I know that there are times when I have been tempted to react by horn beeping, etc. when another driver does something stupid while I am driving.

I can sometimes find myself getting unnecessarily angry and upset at some action that another does which I do not like.

Unlike the aggressive canary in my aviary, I have the ability to stop and reflect on my actions.

The more I let the Gospel principles guide me, the more I am able to be an instrument of peace and healing.

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