We need to be beacons of love in the storms of life

We need to be beacons of love in the storms of life

Many of us watched with dismay as the American Centre of Democracy was ransacked by a violent and angry mob.

Throughout the world we hear of stories that happen as a result of a pandemic that does not seem to want to go away.

We hear about the challenges that are resulting from the massive pollution of our oceans, rivers, streams, and the atmosphere around the world.

We see the spread of massive misinformation which results from a few people abusing social media communications.

In our own cities I wonder what is the best way of dealing with homelessness and the very challenging situation of people caught in cross-cultural realities.

On top of all this, individuals can face personal challenges and tragedies which can seem crushing!

Many carry a sense of anxiety, often unconsciously.  This can lead to a certain experience of different forms of depression, and even disfunctionalism of various types.

In all this we need reminders of the bigger truths, the big picture.  We need good stories of hope.

We have such a good story.  It needs to be told and retold in intelligible ways.

It is a true story that speaks about the bigger truths.

We have just celebrated the true story of the birth of Jesus.  Jesus, who is God, became flesh, not some fairy tale but a real story.  Jesus who touched the deeper yearnings of the human heart by what He said and did.

The story of hope in the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  The promise of staying with us for ever.  The promise that evil will not prevail.

We are called to be living reminders of that story.

We must ensure that we remain salt of the earth, preserving goodness, that we do not become tasteless.

We need to ensure that we are light of the world for each other, and for all.

We need to be beacons of love in the storms of life.  We can be such beacons.

For this to continue happening we need continual prayer, meditation.  We need to be with others who remind us to look around and see the goodness that is.  There are very good reasons for hope.  That love is indeed the most powerful force that there is.  That we can live in love.

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