Are we losing the art of resting, relaxing?

Are we losing the art of resting, relaxing?

A tycoon went for a walk outside an upmarket hotel in a holiday resort.  He came across a fisherman having a quiet time, resting under a tree near his boat.

He asked the fisherman why he was not out there fishing?

“I have already been fishing and caught my catch”, said the fisherman.

“Why don’t you go out again and fish some more?” said the tycoon.

“What will I do with the extra fish?” was the response.

“You can save the money to buy a second boat” said the rich man.

“Why would I want to do that?” said the fisherman.

“Then you can invest and build a fishing fleet and make lots of money.”

“What will I do with all the money?” said the fisherman

“Then you can employ someone to manage your business and rest and take it easy” said the tycoon.

“But I am resting now without all the bother and concerns.  Why would I want them?” was the response.

There is of course a time to work and there are responsibilities to be responded to.  Work is also a way of making love visible.  Work is also about helping others.

However, work can become a burden.  Many workers are exploited by those in power.

However, even in reasonably good working environments it is possible to lose a sense of balance between work and other responsibilities.

For some people work takes priority over family commitments.  It can even become an excuse not to be around family life.  There are some for whom work can become an obsession.

Then there is the art of relaxation.  Are we losing the art of resting, relaxing?

If we are able to have a contemplative attitude to life, we reduce stress and have a more wholesome lifestyle.

It is good to just be sometimes.

  • Do I need to fill all my time with noise?

  • Can I simply go for a walk without earphones?

  • Do I need a TV blaring during family meals?

  • Am I afraid of silence?

  • Do I know how to relax?

  • What stops me from having a healthy balance in my life?

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