We have such richness in our Liturgy

We have such richness in our Liturgy

Last weekend I attended a Retreat for young people who were going to celebrate Confirmation the following day.

We shared stories and reflected on the basics of our faith.

There was the sharing of fellowship over food.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation was celebrated.

The meaning of Confirmation was reflected upon.

The MC or Sister of Charity (the Sisters of Mother Teresa) had prepared the children for Confirmation and helped to prepare the Retreat.

I went away that afternoon reflecting on what a good experience that was.

On the following day we celebrated Confirmation in the Church during Mass.

It was a beautiful celebration.

The music was very good.  The young people and one adult were beaming.  The families were involved.

I was reminded of how important teamwork is.

The priest is only one person; all members of the community have their gifts and talents.

I was reminded of the richness of our Sacramental system.  The laying on of hands, the use of the oil and chrism, all contributed to the specialness of the moment.

The eyes of the young people during the anointing with chrism spoke volumes.

For them and for me, and so many others there, it was an enriching and meaningful experience.

We have such richness in our liturgy!

However, so often many do not experience it to be so.

  • If liturgy is not prayed but said, it is not life connected.

  • If it does not also connect us with the transcendent God.

  • If it does not flow.

  • If it is not well prepared, etc.

No liturgy is ever perfect no human event is ever perfect. In many ways liturgy is ‘Holy Drama’. Using our various gifts and talents we can all contribute to its celebration.

Of course, the Grace of God can and does work through human weaknesses.  Simple, but sincere and prayerful celebrants can certainly connect with what they signify.

In the end our personal openness and attitude is what really matters.

Consciously reminding ourselves of what we are celebrating, and asking God to help us, is a very good start.

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