I live next to the Cathedral on one of the main streets of Darwin.  Most nights people come and sleep peacefully in the grounds of the Cathedral.

Recently there have been some of these night visitors, in increasing numbers, who have been particularly noisy.  There has also been some damage done to the young trees growing  in the grounds.  Sadly, there has also been some violence at times.

All this and some more things have contributed to some short nights with interrupted sleep.

I have noticed that after a few of these nights I can feel the effect, especially when it is time to get up.

There have also been some deaths of people, and pastoral issues that have had some significant impact.

I was reflecting on these things this morning.  I was in a hurry to get to deal with some other matters, and I kept being delayed.

I felt a certain empathy with the young parents who are sleep deprived, being kept awake by a little child.

Also, the parent of young adults waiting for their son or daughter to come home safely after a night out.  The parent of teenagers who have just been told that their son or daughter hates them when in fact the young person also loves them.

The husband or wife dealing with tensions in a relationship.

We all have things to deal with that we would rather not have to deal with.

Once again, I was reminded of the need to be truly present to the moment.  We can let challenges become monsters that swallow up our energies.

Though not easy, we can stop going around in circles inside our head.  When going around in circles we need to go out at a tangent.  We need to reach out.

The first one that we need to reach out to is God.

God is love, and God loves each one of us individually.

Heaven and earth may pass away, but God’s love will never pass away.

The more aware we are that we are anchored in God’s love, the less that we will be tossed about by the storms around us.

Being intentionally present to the moment is a good first step.

Remembering how deeply loved by God we are is another step.

Remembering the words of Julian of Norwich that “all will be well” is also grounding.  We are more grounded, connected to the big picture, when we are prayerful people who trust.

It is about living in hope.  We do not have to get ‘stuck’.  We can live full lives.

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