When we remove God from the public arena, other fundamental rights and values are endangered.

Respect for one another, despite political, ideological and other differences, is essential to the proper functioning of society.

If we simply descend to rancour and personal attacks (ad hominem), we have moved in an unhealthy direction.

In times of division in societies, pandemics, turbulent times, we should keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

The Church’s social teachings are a great guide to wholesome and good living.

We need to be able to disagree respectfully.

Violent opposition and just toleration of each other, these lead to a fruitless path, dead end or worse.

When there is disagreement:

  • We need to carefully describe the situation of disagreement under consideration.

  • To honestly look at the evidence.

  • To carefully look at the options.

  • To draw some conclusions.

  • A willingness to accept the truth, not ‘my’ truth.

  • We need to rediscover the art of argumentation, that is truly respectful.

Healthy religion has to do with the whole of life, not just our subjective convictions.  Healthy religion is not ‘privatised.’

Fundamental human rights, including in a special way, the right to life, are not the gifts of culture or the state, but of God.

The law of God is what guides our conscience and moral decision making.

To take time and pray, to be fully informed are so important.

We need to stay grounded in the Lord.  Do not give up in the pursuit of what is right.

We need to always act with love in our hearts.

Jesus is stronger than anything that is in the world, or elsewhere.

He is Our Way, Our Truth, Our Life.


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