Christmas is so full of ‘enchanted moments’.

It is, of course, a time of celebration.  Families come together.  Good food, and normally plenty of it, is part of the day for many.

With the uncertainty of the times that we live in, some families cannot get together as they normally would.

There are those for whom Christmas is a painful experience.  There are divisions and estrangements in families.  For some this pain, as a result of this alienation, is felt more at this time.

However, for all, the birth of Jesus is good news.

This awesome God of the universe has truly become one of us.

The ‘Word of God became flesh’.

The incarnation, i.e. God became human in the person of Jesus, is an event in history, but has implications for all time.

The plan of God to become truly human is central to our faith, central for humanity.

Christianity is not about some esoteric beliefs.  It is not about turning our back on the material world around us.  It is about a spirituality that is truly grounded in all of reality.

We know the world first through our senses.  We know Christ because He was able to be seen, heard, touched, experienced, like we experience each other.

Like us He is made of stardust.

However, like us He also is an embodied spirit.  We are flesh, but we are also spirit.

Jesus connects us in a unique way with God.  He is God, uniting humanity in an intimate way with God.  We connect with God in a wonderful way.  Indeed, all of creation finds fulfilment in Christ.  He brings all of creation into a new sacredness.

Our Christian faith is both earthly and other worldly.

The mystique and the folklore, the colours, the celebration are very important aspects of Christmas.

However, Christmas is only the beginning.

This baby Jesus grew up to be the adult, Jesus.

His teachings, His message, His dying and rising are all connected to what we celebrate today.

Jesus fulfils the deepest desires of the human heart.

Let us rejoice in the hope that He brings!

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