Everything is, because God is

Everything is, because God is

Pope Francis recently reflected on the current pandemic in the light of the Church’s social teachings and reminded us of the vital role played by the many people who generously care for others, especially the sick, elderly, and most vulnerable.

This time has made us recognise, even more, our responsibility to care for the natural world whose beauty is all too often ignored, and its resources squandered.

In order to regain a proper sense of our place within God’s creation, and our call to respect and care for the earth and one another, we need to learn anew the art of contemplation.

For when we enter into silence and contemplation, our inter-connected world, we come to appreciate the true meaning and value of all creatures, for each in its own way reflects something of God’s infinite wisdom, goodness, and beauty.

Contemplation teaches us how integral we all are to the whole of creation, our calling to be faithful stewards of its riches, and our need to preserve it for future generations.

We need to remind ourselves to stop and be aware of how we are indeed connected even at this very moment.

When we see just a tree, a bird, an insect, a flower, etc. and only see a tree, a bird, an insect, a flower, etc. we have not seen them.

When we see a miracle, then we have really seen them.

Everything is because God is.

God is not outside the universe looking in.

We are in God and God in us.

We are made of stardust.  In Jesus, in the Incarnation, God becomes intimately connected with creation in an even deeper way.

When the ‘Word’ of God became flesh, the material universe became ever more sacred in a new way.

Contemplation in action makes all things new.  We see with renewed eyes!

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