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St. Augustine said these words.  He believed that the way we can be most real is to be united in love with God.

If I am truly loving God I would not want to do anything that stops me being in harmony with God.  Loving God is not a duty, it is much more.  It is not about rules and regulations.

God is the source of all love and goodness.  In Jesus we have the clearest manifestation of God’s love.

God is Love.

Our liturgies are important.  Belonging to our Church family is important.  Knowing the commandments as true paths to a life of virtue is important.

However, we must not fall into the trap of seeing them as ends in themselves.  All these things are pathways to love.  I repeat, they are important, however we must not stop there.

Cultural wars, legalisms, and communicable narcissism creep in when we forget that it is all about love.

A few days ago, we reflected on the life and work of St. Francis De Sales.  He was not interested in scoring points against others who disagreed with him.  He was not interested in winning arguments.  He certainly was interested in the truth; he was very interested about loving.

Belonging to family, friends, Church community, etc. are important aspects of being human.  It is good and very helpful.

However, it is not just about ‘belonging’; it is about love.

When you love you want to do the right thing because it is the loving thing to do.  Love is sufficient!

To love like this is not easy.  It is something that we grow into.

Healthy religion is about a search for intimacy with God.

As we grow in intimacy with God we also grow in a deeper love for all people, and for all creation.

Indeed, it is about true liberation.  It is about being who we ae meant to be.  It is about being genuinely connected with all that is!

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