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Another key relationship is how I treat myself.

In last Sunday’s Gospel, in the story of the transfiguration, the Father’ says regarding Jesus, “This is my Son the beloved listen to Him”.

God says that about you, “You are my beloved daughter(son) I delight in you!”

Do you believe this?

You have God-given dignity that no-one or nothing can take away.

No sin of yours, or anything that anyone can do, will stop this being true!

Lent is a good opportunity for us to reflect on how we treat ourselves.

Do I look after my physical needs properly?

Do I eat healthily? Drink healthily?

Do I exercise properly?

Do I treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit?

Are there any bad habits that have crept in?

Are there any addictions that have crept in?  Alcohol, chemicals, excessive gratification, healthy and integral attitude to the gift of sexuality, do I spend too much time on social media, etc ?

Do I learn from my mistakes?

Am I a hope-filled person trusting that God is with me always?

Am I non-judgmental of others?

Do I thank God  for who I am, and accept that I have a unique role to play, and that nobody else can quite do exactly what I can do?  Am I resilient and do not give up

Thank you God that I am beloved by you and that you look at me with infinite love!

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