From fear to compassion

I hear people talk about Coronavirus-19 very often at the moment. People I know have caught the virus including some of my family overseas.

I went to the shops today to do some shopping. So many shelves were empty!


Many planned functions have been cancelled.

We have lived with uncertainty for almost two years.


People are stressed and uncertain. Many plans had to change.


I hope that these challenges are making us more compassionate. I hope that we are recognising vulnerability not just in us but also in others.


We are social beings, wired up in our DNA to work with each other to cooperate together for mutual benefits.


Sadly, fear can also make us less compassionate and more excessively protective.


We have an opportunity, with reflection, to choose to be more compassionate.


We can decide to reach out to others as we reflect on their needs.


Fear can be the opposite of Love.


God is Love, creative, totally giving, dynamic and infinite love.


We are most ourselves when we love.


As we face growing numbers of those affected by this virus we are also invited into deeper loving.


We are also reminded of our limitations. This is not to negate our many gifts and talents.


While we aspire to continue to grow and reach for the sky, we also are reminded to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy pride.


We are reminded to embrace the path of wisdom. We are also reminded to not get trapped into expecting instant gratification.

We are reminded to learn healthy patience.


We are also reminded of the words of Jesus.


‘I am with you always even unto the end of time.’




Image credit: Melanie limz via Unsplash