Fulfilled in giving

It has been another life-giving morning connecting pastorally with people.

We spoke of God’s unconditional love and the healing that God offers to us all.

We visited the sick and spoke about ongoing faith formation for children and adults here in the Palumpa region.

I am now back at Wadeye.


I am having my first ‘time of quiet’ for some days, before the evening Mass.

I am sitting outside under a blue sky. The wind is playing with the trees. The cockies are calling out in the distance.


As I sit out here I am reminding myself of what I spoke about to others earlier today.

At this very moment, God is loving me into being.

This love is absolutely unconditional and non-controlling. I do not need to prove myself. I am gently being invited to embrace life. I am invited to the freedom of healthy detachment. There is no need for restlessness.


I am reminded of God in the gentle breeze who spoke to the prophet Elijah.


I am reminded of the value of being…Of descending from the head to the heart and to the gut. How they all connect together in harmony.


Last Sunday was the feast of Saint Augustine. He coined that famous phrase:


Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.


Loving God you alone can quench that thirst, that restlessness You can fill me fully and yet there is room to keep giving…