Full Commitment

Jesus is going resolutely up to Jerusalem. He is committed to his mission.  He knows the dangers and challenges involved. There are challenges along the way such as the samaritans not welcoming him. When the apostles wanted to punish them, he stays centred and rebukes his friends.He stays committed to loving unconditionally. He was detached from seeking his own comfort if it was to stand in the way of his mission.He also speaks about the qualities that a disciple of Jesus needs to have.There is an urgency about the proclamation of the ‘Good News’. One needs to be prepared to even give up good and legitimate things for the sake of the kingdom of God.Even personal relationships including family bonds must not inhibit total commitment to the mission.One needs to keep looking forward and not keep looking back.Each, of course, is called to their own vocation as a Disciple. Each vocation is unique.For example, the vocation of one called to celibacy has different responsibilities to one who is married.However, both and all are called to a total commitment in their vocation.


Image credit: Venti Views via Unsplash