One of the great inhibitors to growth is to be a minimalist.


When I give because I want something back, when I measure how much  I am getting back when I give, I am depriving myself of freedom and growth.


So many of the saints saw a need and did something about it. It costs to give. It requires effort and commitment.


Commitment calls us to rise above the feelings of the moment. It takes effort.


We may have the feeling of not wanting to be bothered to make an effort to be present to someone. We can choose to make the effort or to close up within.


Of course, we all need some space, time for ourselves. We are not machines. We need time to relax. We all need some solitude. If we do not do this, we become exhausted.


However, we need to also take risks to love, to give generously.


God is super generous.


Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many.


When we give we always receive.