God within

Saint Augustine said,

‘God is more intimate to me than I am to myself.’

God dwells within us!

The incarnation connects us with God in an amazing way!

Jesus is both one of us as well as being God.


Jesus has revealed to us the God within ‘As the Father loves me so I have loved you. Now remain in my love’ John 15:9.


St Paul says ‘Pray always‘.


In this sense, prayer is understood as connecting with and living out of the God within.


We are earthenware vessels containing the treasure within.


Prayer keeps reminding us of this intimate connection. It reminds us as to who we are. The beloved sons and daughters of God.


We are called to be living reminders to each other of this great mystery.


Sin blurs this awareness, sin blinds.


Our Mission is to help awaken others to embrace this mystery. We are proclaimers of Hope, of Good News.


It is God’s deep desire that we share eternal life with God.


If we find ourselves in the valley of darkness we don’t need to be trapped in fear since the light of Christ is bigger than any darkness and darkness cannot overcome it.