Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, We remember that Jesus is tried before the Sanhedrin in a ‘mock trial’.


He is falsely accused and condemned.


Since the Jewish authorities did not have the power of life and death, he was taken before the Roman governor.


He could not find Jesus guilty of anything and tried to release him.


Eventually, in order to appease the mob, Jesus is falsely condemned to death.


So many people are persecuted and falsely condemned in our world today. Jesus stands in solidarity with them.


Jesus was tortured standing in solidarity with all who have been tortured.


He was shamed standing with all who have been shamed.


He felt alone and in spiritual desolation. He stands in solidarity with all who have experienced spiritual dryness and desolation.


He was murdered after betrayal standing with those who have had similar experiences.


He died as we all will one day.


He remained faithful despite all the trials.


He still trusted in the Father and still remained loving…


Today is about unconditional Love.


Today we are reminded that we are worth dying for!