Image credit: Hennie Stander via Unsplash

Image credit: Hennie Stander via Unsplash

Today is Good Friday.
We enter into the darkness of suffering, pain and death.
Understandably we do not normally relish all three above.
We spend a lot of time avoiding them.
Not many, if any, would want to embrace them for their own sake.
Sometimes, in the avoidance of them we make non-life-giving choices.

A good question to frequently ask is:
Is what I am doing integral, is it a good choice?
Where is God and God’s plan in all this?

Jesus could have run away and not face betrayal, shaming, suffering horrible pain and death.
He chose the path of loving, of trusting listening and hope.

In Jesus, God is saying,
‘You are worth dying for! I really, really love you!

A great reminder to us all to keep choosing the path of faithfulness and commitment.

A reminder to keep choosing what is right noble and loving and not just what is easy.

We can enter the darkness with Jesus full of hope even if we do not ‘feel hopeful’.
He is our hope! He is there, not just when we feel him there, but always there.

With Jesus, we walk in hope and solidarity with those, who with Jesus cry out,

2nd April 2021

2nd April 2021


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