Good memories

I was doing some cleaning up in my living area recently.

I came across some old photos.

Some were indeed as old as I am! Some even older.


It was a powerful time. There were several pictures taken of me as a newly born with my parents. In fact, there were several from that period of my life. Then there were photos of my siblings and I as children and as young people.


My grandparents and my great grandparents as well as photos of siblings of my grandparents.


So many, including two of my siblings, who have died.


It was a sense of gratitude that I felt most as I remembered and reflected.


So many good people have helped me to be who I am.


Gratitude for loving parents and extended family.


I remember many years ago hearing in my heart, share from what you have been blest with! Share from the love that you have been blest with…


Indeed, all our gifts are given to us so as help empower serve others in love.


Indeed, in giving we receive.


The more that we love the less that fear has a hold on our lives.




Image credit: Bishop Charles receiving First Holy Communion & with his family after settling in Adelaide embedded with an image by Roman Kraft via Unsplash