Good News

Jesus went on retreat for four days and nights. As a human being, he was tempted. He withstood temptation overcoming the devil.


Then he went about preaching.


He was aware of the dangers of his mission. John the Baptist had just been arrested.


This did not deter him.


He called people to the realisation of what was most important i.e. the ‘Kingdom of God’. He also called them to repent and believe the ‘Good News’


We also with God’s help can overcome temptation. God is bigger than our weakness.

Jesus is our Way showing us where to find what is most life-giving. Jesus is the truth of God’s revelation helping us to avoid deception and the cunning of the devil. He is the life, enabling us to be fully alive…


As we live the good news we become Sacraments of the Good News. We become living reminders of what God can do in weak human nature.


We can help others discover what God can do for them…