Greater good greater loving

Indeed, there is always good in true love.

It comes down to what is the greater love?

What is the greater good?


We who are created in the image of God have a wonderful vocation.


We are called to share in God’s love for all of creation and in a special way for all people.


Jesus is God among us and models for us humanity at its best.


He models for us how to love.


He always did the will of the Father.


He was forgiving.

He gave people the opportunity to make fresh starts.

He was gentle with those who felt bad about themselves.

He used tough love when He needed to.

He inspired hope.

He brought into the Centre those who felt on the outer and so often were told that they were no good.

He did not give up on people.

He looked at the needs of others to the point of sacrificing His own comfort.

He never used or abused others.

His love was universal.

He suffered terribly and gave up His life for all, he died for them.


That list can seem daunting!

However, He invites us to keep looking forward and not to keep looking back.


He reminds us that though we are weak at times He never gives up on us!


We are not alone in figuring out how to live good and integral lives.


The Gospel and the teachings of His Church keep guiding us to seek and live by the great good and the greater loving.

He also is our companion in our struggles, our journey. His Grace never lets us down.


We call this living Holy lives.




Image credit: Aaron Burden via Unsplash