Green again

We are back to ‘Ordinary Time’ again.


We have now completed the Easter season. The liturgical colour for Easter was white. We are back to green.


As I write this reflection, I am on a plane on the way to attending the ordination of a Bishop. I am flying over central Australia. As I look out of the plane, I can see green over the red earth on the ground below.


Green is restful to my eyes. It reminds me of life. Green flora is a reminder of life and the habitat for so many types of fauna.


Life is resilient, it can exist in so many ways and forms. All of creation is charged with the grandeur of God.


The liturgy keeps reminding us of God’s presence in so many different ways. Ordinary time in the liturgy keeps on reminding us of the extraordinary in everyday life.


It reminds us of the hope of Christ always offered to us.


We are reminded to take up our cross every day and to follow him. It is about a constant dying to sin and being born again… constant conversion.


It is about embracing life and living it to the fullest…