He stilled the storm

It has been raining heavily for the last hr or so. I have been reflecting a lot this morning about the uncertainty of so many things that COVID and its variants is causing in the lives of so many.


It is a bit like a working on a jigsaw puzzle. There are so many unpredictables caused by COVID. Hard to do pastoral planning that can affect the lives of so many.


The storm outside reminds me of Jesus on the boat in the middle of the sea during a storm. He is asleep in the middle of the storm. They wake Him up and He calms the storm.


Someone told me this morning that God is silent.


For some who find themselves with so many challenges in their life:


Grief, illness, relational issues, financial hardship etc. can make it seem like as if Jesus is asleep in the middle of a storm.


It is good to pause, to remember that He is there. He is there not just when we feel Him there but all the time.


We are called to Faith even in the middle of a storm…


However, Jesus is still there.




Image credit: Torsten Dederichs via Unsplash