Healthy relationships

Yesterday I spoke in my reflection about clinging to our images and understanding of God.


There is also an unhealthy clinging that we can do with each other.


We can never make another person the object of our happiness. Others should never be objects but always subjects.


This means that we are all unique persons created in the image of God. We have the gift of free will and inalienable dignity.


If we compromise that dignity we lose something of who we are.


No one can make another person happy.


We share happiness, we make gifts to each other by sharing who we are with each other. This can of course bring much joy.


Obsessive infatuation with each other, or any form of control is demeaning of ourselves and the other.


Any use of another for our own ends is also demeaning.


Naturally, we feel attracted to some more than others. We share various forms of intimacy in good and healthy ways. Healthy friendships of various kinds can be a deeply spiritual and truly human experience. These can bring much joy and are a precious gift.


However, it is never about control.


Respect is crucial for all forms of healthy relationships.


Healthy relationships help us to be more open to being our true selves.


They can help us be more open to all others and to God and all of creation.