Holy Saturday

It is the day after the burial… Jesus was dead… His followers are confused, grief-stricken.. at a loss as to what is next!!!


The heaviness of grief can take many forms. I can imagine that so many feelings were going through the hearts of that early Christian community.


Maybe anger, heaviness, denial, incredulity, maybe a glimmer of hope against hope?


Their dreams were shattered, and the reality was beginning to sink in. They had given up everything to follow him and now this !!!


Was there anything to wait for? What has happened to all those messianic expectations?


Often we do not like waiting. We are so used to fast solutions. Technology has made us less patient, and less tolerant of what takes longer.


We of course know the outcome. We know that Jesus rose from the dead.


Yet Holy Saturday reminds us of the waiting in trust that we so often need to make.


To trust in God even when we do not always see clearly what lies ahead.


We also need to be lovingly patient with ourselves and trust God’s grace working on who we truly are.