Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday is a day of Huge contrasts and paradoxes.


Jesus celebrates the Last Supper.


He gathers with his disciples for a parting meal.


– He gives us the Eucharist to remember him by. It is no ordinary remembrance that he gives us. It is a remembrance that brings out a reality. It is an effective connection with his passion for death and resurrection. Every time we are at mass, we connect with this mystery of Thanksgiving.


– He also washes the feet of his disciples.

His followers are called to service. This is especially true for the leaders of his community, the church.

We are constantly being reminded that we are called to serve and not to be served.


– After supper, he is in the garden in prayer. He is in deep distress… deep agony of body mind and spirit.

His friends could not stay awake with him. He was alone with his father. He trusts his Father fully despite his deep distress.


– Then one of his inner circle Judas betrays him.

Afterwards, he is carried off for a mock trial.


Those who suffer alone, in pain, in distress and betrayed know that he understands!