Honesty and freedom

Life is full of paradoxes. Life is full of imperfections.

There are limitations and shadows in all cultures. When we look at history we see amazing achievements by various cultures.

However, there have also been aberrations such as ritual killings, human sacrifice, slavery and much more that are abhorrent.

There have been religious killings, wars, inquisitions etc.

Sandals in the Church…


There are selective attitudes full of self-interests, including denials when it comes to global warming and pollutants of oceans etc.


In nature itself, there is much beauty and goodness but also imperfection.


In us, we are a mixture of much that is good but also sin.


I remember as a child most fairy tales ended with ‘and they lived happily ever after‘. But life is not like that.

We can have unreal expectations about ourselves and of others.


However, we are also unconditionally loved by God, ‘worts and all’.


We can fall into the trap of denial if we do not accept the truth of this mixture within.


The more we are convinced of being absolutely loved by God, the more we become accepting of who we really are.


Does this mean that it does not matter whether we are selfish, or disrespectful, etc.?

Of course, it does. We cannot save ourselves. We need the grace of God to heal us and purify us. We need with the grace of God never to stop making good, virtuous and above all loving choices. We do not need to feel trapped in anger with ourselves and others.


However, we also need to continue to learn to be compassionate with ourselves and others as we see the truth of our lives with the mixture of beauty, goodness and imperfections.


‘Saint Paul says ‘when I am weak then I am strong.

It is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.’


Was Saint Paul denying his identity? Was he kidding himself?


No, he knew that while recognising his imperfections he was surrendering to God’s absolute and unconditional Love.

God’s love helped him to rise above self-condemnation, guilt, into self-acceptance and freedom in ‘Holy Insecurity’.

St Paul‘s letter to the Romas chapters 7-8…



Image credit: Philippe Leone via Unsplash