Hope and Compassion

We are both amazing and flawed at the same time.

We are gifted, unique, created in the image of God, infinitely loved and capable of much good.


We have high ideals and aspire to reach them.

However, as the scripture says we also all fall short of living by these ideals.


We can be weak and distracted, we can and do sin.


When we recognise our flaws, we can react in a number of ways.

We can turn in on ourselves and get trapped in guilt which saps our energy and distracts us from our Mission as Disciples of Jesus. Some even start getting trapped in self-dislike and sometimes even self-loathing.


Others can excuse away our bad choices and rationalise them.


These choices are both unhealthy and can be even distractive.


Jesus gave hope to those who had sinned.


He enabled them to have fresh starts.

Some become great Saints.


St Paul struggled with his own human weakness. In Romans chapters 7 and 8, he is even tempted with despair.

It is Christ’s dying and rising that gives him hope.


We are constantly invited into the amazing love of God.


We are always cherished tenderly by God.


Recognition of our human weakness, when approached by the faith and hope that comes from Christ, can paradoxically turn us into compassionate wounded healers.


Just like Mary Magdalene, Zacchaeus, Matthew and so many others, we can become wounded healers!


We can become Living reminders of Hope and love.

We can be holy instruments of compassion.




Image credit: Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash