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I went to Bunnings yesterday afternoon. Due to social distancing we had to line up and wait before we were allowed in. As I drove in and was parking, one gentleman who was driving out said, “You might be better off going away again, there is quite a line waiting!”

I did not go away having driven there in the first place; I worked out that it was worth waiting rather than having to come back another time. As I lined up, I was chatting to a lovely lady, but I could see that she was put off and uncomfortable waiting. We are not used to waiting. Speed and quick responses are in high demand. This is not bad in itself. I would rather fly to one of the capital cities, the closest Adelaide being 3 hours and 40 minutes away by air, than walking. However, we are losing the art of waiting.

How present are we to the moments? How in touch are we to the earth underneath us? Do we enjoy seeing the clouds sailing by in the sky? Do we observe and delight in the sparkle of light and the breeze vibrating and dancing with the leaves in the trees and bushes? Are we able to enjoy our own company? Do we give ourselves time to catch up with how we are feeling?

How comfortable am I with silence? So often there is noise around us. I see many people walking with earphones in their ears. How connected are we with the sounds of nature, the birds, the insects etc. What about the basic human art of greeting one another with ‘good day’ and a smile?

Sunday is meant to be a Holy day. I remember as I child going to mass with my parents, having Sunday lunch together and hearing family stories about grandparents and great grandparents, delighting in hearing stories from my parents’ childhood. Going for a walk to a park or a garden or to nearby countryside or the beach. We used to be together, it was ‘family day’. We made and had time.

I realise that not all these things are possible for everyone. However, these values are still relevant and always will be. Can we be creative in finding ways of still holding on to this value of being together, the value of being…..the art of being and not just doing. The art of being present to others. The art of celebrating the simple things in life.

Glory be to the God who rested on the seventh day.

God Bless you today.
+ Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin