I Pray so that I can have Faith

Sometimes we pray like we are trying to convince God to do something for us.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as:


I remember that God already knows our needs even before we become aware of them ourselves.


I remember that I do not need to convince God to like me or to love me.


I remember that God wants the best for me and all those who I love.

In fact, God loves me and them more than I love myself.


It can be helpful for me to name what is happing to me in my life in prayer. It is good for us to be in touch with the ‘stuff’ of life. As humans, we grow in intimacy when we name with loved ones what is happening in our lives.

Naming what is happening in our lives with God, who loves us most, helps on our part to grow in intimate relations with the one who already intimately loves us beyond imagining.


So, when we pray, we are growing in our Faith and Trust.


We are uniting our will with the will of God.


We are saying that regardless of the challenges, the unpleasant surprises, the disappointments, the betrayals by others or self, the disruptions to plans the grieving, the trauma etc, I know that I am still United with God and that God will never ever let me down.


Hence that beautiful prayer,


‘Lord I believe, help my unbelief…’


God is no ‘Heavenly Father Christmas’ or ‘Fairy Godfather’


God is Infinite and most personal Lover.






Image credit: Matheus Ferrero via Unsplash