In giving we receive

Last weekend the Church celebrated the day of the poor.

Pope Francis established this day so that we are reminded of the special place that the poor have in our Church family.

They certainly have a special place for Jesus.


We are blest here in Australia to live in one of the richest countries on earth.


None the less we certainly have many poor people among us.


There are many reasons why this is so.


Then there are so many others who live in so many countries that are certainly a lot worse off than we are economically.


As Christians, we have a fundamental option for the poor.


Pope Francis wanted us to remember to share from what we have and to help eradicate poverty.


There are immediate needs. There are also structures that enable poverty which we need to work together to change.


We can be busy doing many things that it is good to have reminders.


The St Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Missions, Caritas and so many other organisations bring people together to help those in need.


Our government needs reminders to increase our contribution for foreign aid and not just for political expediency!


In giving we receive.







Image credit: Craig Philbrick via Unsplash