In giving we receive

Mark 12:38-44

Jesus again challenges the scribes of his time. They exploited the people and looked for places of honour and loved to make a show of themselves wanting others to think of them as being important.

Why did they behave like this?


It comes from insecurity. They were not free people. When we keep on trying to prove ourselves versus others it means that we are insecure. We are looking for approval from others so that we can feel good, feel important.


How free am I? Do I believe enough that I am made loveable and created in the image of God? Do I believe enough that with God’s help I can continue to grow with my God-given gifts?


Then in today’s Gospel Jesus also points to a poor widow who gave to God everything that she had.


What am I prepared to give to God?

Do I give because I want something back?

Do I just give leftovers?

What about in my dealings with others?

How generous am I in giving, sharing?


How unconditional is my giving?


A good question to ask ourselves is:

How do I feel if I am not appreciated by others, how do I react?


Is loving sufficient unto itself for me?


Can you recall a time when you have given of yourself without wanting or expecting anything back?


Have you had the experience of receiving when you have truly given?




Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash