Inner flame of hope

The other day I was in a very good mood and feeling quite peaceful. I looked at my emails and read something that changed my mood.
I read what sounded like criticism from some decisions that I was part of making.
I started rehearsing how I would respond.
It also started affecting my mood.


Despite our best efforts none of us gets things completely right all the time. If we are genuinely collaborative and wise, we should welcome different opinions.


Getting defensive is often a product of our ego, our insecurity. We do not need to perform or get it right all the time.


Even if someone is unfair in criticism why should we let that disturb our peace?
There are so many other things in our life that we have good reason to celebrate about.


There is always a certain amount of messiness in our lives. It is ‘normal for things not to be normal!’


Living the moment and constantly remembering to be grateful for the blessings in our life help to keep the inner flame of Hope in our lives.



Image credit: Yaoqi via Unsplash

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