Inner freedom

It is very important to affirm each other.

We need to be reminded of how loved we are by God, always loved.

It is important to acknowledge our God-given gifts and talents.

Jesus himself told us to let our light shine in front of all so that they can give glory to God.


It is wholistic and incarnational to develop our skills and talents to the best of our abilities so that we can be better equipped to administer the tasks alloyed to us.

Psalm 8 says ‘little less than a God you have made us…’


However, we need to be on our guard lest the ego creeps in with a false sense of our importance.

We can begin to look for acknowledgment and start becoming caught in non-freedom and unhealthy introspection.


Jesus told us ‘you receive without charge, give without charge…’


God is The Unconditional Lover of Lovers.


This God absolutely loves us.


How shortsighted we are when we brood because others do not acknowledge us, or what we do!

How futile and wasted energy it is when when we measure whether we are being loved back as much as we are loving!


Yes of course we delight and celebrate with gratitude when we are being loved by others as well as by God.


However, let us continue to know that all is grace, all is a gift and that we can do nothing without God.