Inner healing

I drove down from Darwin to Tennant Creek on Monday. It is over 900ks.

The mostly pristine countryside has a charm of its own, a wild beauty.

Having time by myself with my own thoughts is a gift.  So many thoughts went through my head so many memories.

We carry so much within us in the deeper conscious. Processing these thoughts and reflections is healthy and to some extent necessary.

Acceptance of reality is important in our spiritual journey.

It is important to be real in the presence of God, conscious of the words of Jesus:

‘The Truth will set you free‘.

We come before God as we are. Jesus went to people as they were. He went to the ’sinners’, the outcasts, those who struggled…


Some people of the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders were called hypocrites, whitewashed graves, by Jesus. He did this to wake them up to what they were doing.

They considered themselves better than others. They kept a facade of respectability instead of admitting their human frailty. They did not see themselves as fellow travellers with others whom they tended to look down upon as less good than them.


They rejected Jesus because he challenged their position. He called them to conversion, to be real, to become fully alive and they did not listen.


Nothing can come between us and the love of God.

We are loved unconditionally by God.

This amazing love calls us, invites us by this amazing Lover, our God, to conversion.


We can face the shadows of our Ego, with hope. Indeed, there is much goodness within us. However, we all have an ego, pathologies that need healing.


Jesus gives us the courage to name these and gently bring them to the light of God’s love.


Hence the value of reflection and space in our lives.


So many are afraid of silence. So often there is noise, hyperactivity.


Prayerful meditation can be a shortcut to healing.


We come before God as we are, allowing God to heal us. We do not need to be over introspective digging everything up from our past. However, when things arise that we need to deal with we bring them to Jesus with great trust knowing that we are loved unconditionally.

No need for games or fear or pretences with Jesus.




Image credit: Ben White via Unsplash