Be wise as servants but meek as lambs:

These are words that Jesus said to his disciples, to us.

He also said the truth will set you free.


I have been listening to our politicians call each other names for years.


It was so refreshing to hear the new premier of South Australia speak after his election win a few weeks ago.


He spoke respectfully about the party that had just lost the election. He expressed a willingness to work with them for the good of the state.


Respect is so Vital for integrity.


We listen to each other with trust. We also need to reflect on what we have heard.


We also do not need to be naive.


People can honestly believe what they say and have mistaken understandings and wrong interpretations.


Recently I was asked to speak at a gathering of Muslim people.


Among other things I said that there are things that we can agree on when it comes to what really matters. I also said that we do not agree about everything.


However, when we disagree we must always do so with love and respect.


If we do not do so we are untrue to ourselves.


As we face the many challenges of life, we need to stay anchored in integrity avoiding the simplistic reactions and interpretations.


We also need to stay grounded in love.