Intentional living

As I write this reflection I am looking out of the window.

I can see the dappled rays of the sun through the palm fronds. The wind is gently playing with the fronds.


It is reminding me of this morning. I was celebrating the graduation Mass for Year 12 students at MacKillop College here in the Palmerston area.


After processing into the assembly, I turned around and looked at the trees in the bush beyond. I found it very grounding, settling.


It has been a very full week and is not over yet. I caught my breath.


I shared my experience with these young people during the homily. They have just been through their Year 12 exams.


Now they are waiting for their Year 12 results. They are also about to embark on a very new chapter in life as young adults into the big wide world out there away from the security of school life.


So many changes!  The Gospel of the Mass echoed the words of Jesus telling us not to worry, not to be afraid.


I shared with them that we cannot always control what happens, but we can control how we react.


Looking at nature, connecting with it, feeling the air coming into us as we breathe, feeling the earth underneath, help us to stop and remember that God is with us.


We can react to life and its challenges with hope and courage.


We are never alone.


Living our Faith is a daily commitment. Living our Faith is much more than intellectual assent. Although this is important, however, it is not enough.


Attentiveness, intentionality, affirmation are all part of living our Faith.


As we reach out of ourselves, we are open to God and to others.







Image credit: Tolga Ahmetler via Unsplash