Intimacy with God

Healthy Christianity is about falling in love with God.
So often, religious practice is reduced to rules and regulations and ritual practices.
It is not that these do not have a place.
It is that they only make sense if they enhance the relationship with a living God.


God is Love. The Word of God, ‘the Son’ of God, the second person of the Blessed Trinity, became flesh so that we can enter into the inner life of God, who is Love. To enter into an amazing, loving relationship.


We do not fall in love with a concept. We fall in love with a person.


Jesus challenged the legalistic and often judgmental attitudes of many religious leaders in his time.


He called people into a loving relationship with God. He called people to be fully alive by entering into a living and loving relationship with God. It is about deep intimacy.


He also made it clear that we cannot love God without also loving our neighbour.


St John tells us in his letters, that if we say that we love God but do not love our neighbour, we are lying!


All the laws and rituals in our church are about truly loving, and help us as human beings to stay committed to loving. This is also what we do in our human-loving commitments. One who loves their spouse honours the vows of marriage; anything less is a betrayal of love.


When religious people lose sight of this intimacy and love with God, they can become legalistic and judgmental, harsh and condemning.


This certainly was not Jesus who came to bring fullness of life. He did not ‘crush bruised reeds or blow out the flickering flame’.


His love scandalised the ones tied up in rules and regulations.


Image credit: Fuu J via Unsplash