It is in the living

We need prophets of hope in our time.


There is a time to challenge. The prophets of the Old Testament certainly did that.


There are however many ways to challenge.


People like Saints Francis of Assisi, Francis de Sales, Charles Borromeo, Therese of Lisieux and so many others were prophetic by living what they preached in a servant-loving way.


They believed in the inner goodness of the Gospel. They proclaimed it best by living it.


Jesus lived it and attracted people towards Him because of the goodness of God radiating out of Him.


He spoke and lived consistently and authentically.


It is not so much by arguments and proving others wrong that convinces them.


It is when we authentically and unconditionally love when we are uncomplicated, healthily simple when we are most Christ-like that we are most prophetic.


There is of course a time to teach, we need to know and understand what authentic, moral and ethical living is.


We need to know what Jesus taught.


We never stop learning…


There is definitely a place for structure.


However, these do not mean much to anyone unless we are trying to live them.


We are called to Holiness, imperfect as we are, God can use us!


In this, while words are useful, it is the living of it that really matters.