Time Alone with God.jpg

Do I remember often that I am loved in the embrace of God all the time?

Do I alert myself that Jesus is my constant loving companion? We can give intellectual ascent to these realities and live like as if it is not so. We carry concerns about different things; this can range from dealing with a simple discomfort with the weather to preconceptions about more significant issues.

It is important not to deny how we feel and what we feel, even the most unpleasant realities in our lives. Jesus invites us to bring everything to Him, to share our lives with Him.

Try to find some time every day to spend alone with God, with Jesus. Reading the scriptures, praying the rosary and other forms of prayer are very helpful. However, it is also helpful to spend time remembering the presence of God not just in our head but also in our hearts, not just talking to God but spending time with God, in God’s presence.

Sit down in a quiet place. Tell God that you want to be consciously present to God. Try to relax your body and try to slow down your mind. Put in brackets, so to speak, ‘the daily preoccupations’ and give to God knowing that you will come back to them later to do what you need to do with them. Now, you just want to focus on the companionship with Jesus, with God and to let God touch the deeper parts of your heart. Of course, thoughts do not stop coming, noises do not stop happening, the remembering of things to do later will not stop in your head.

I heard someone once say that when we stop, it is as if a thousand monkeys start playing around in our head. Don’t let that stop you. Keep coming back to that presence with God. Give God a chance to speak to your deeper self. Do not look for great feelings of ‘holiness’ or ‘spiritual highs’, just be there. Feelings are important but they are not always an indication of the deeper realities. They can be affected by health, what we have eaten, etc. I repeat, give everything to God. Past regrets, past sins can come to mind; hand them over to Jesus and allow Jesus to love you, God to love you.

Sometimes, saying the name of Jesus quietly over and over again to focus can help you to just stay present to the loving presence, a bit like a Christian mantra. Try to organise a set time aside to do this, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, whatever is real for you.

God Bless you today.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin