John Bosco

John Bosco saw a need and did something about it.


Young people were coming into the towns from the villages and countryside as part of the Industrial Revolution workforce in the eighteen hundreds.


Many were without families and without much formal education. They often had unsuitable accommodation or nowhere to live. They were also very often exploited in many ways.


John started providing accommodation for them in a safe place. He also stated providing nighttime education classes for young people.


He was also very concerned about their spiritual welfare.


John started gathering helpers for his mission. This was the beginning of the Salesian order. He named this new religious order after St Francis DeSales who he greatly admired.


Eventually, the new Salesian order grew to continue its mission of supporting and educating young people, especially some of those most in need.


As society continues to change rapidly many of the established structures upholding society are also challenged or evolving.


Technology is indeed a great blessing able to help us do more good. However, can also put new and extra challenges for all including the young.


Like John Bosco, we need to keep discovering the most effective ways of lovingly supporting them on their life journey.