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Jesus said the truth will set you free.

It is the pursuit of the fullness of truth that leads to a life of integrity.

We have seen a lot of popularist politics in the world in the last several years. Popularist policies have been used in the pursuit of power over many centuries, maybe as long as human beings have walked the earth.

We are at our best as human beings when we live lives guided by virtue and the pursuit of truth.

Choosing what is most comfortable, most in my short-term interest, what is good for me at the expense of others and their welfare, never leads to virtue.

Virtue is always about the greater good.

There is often a cost attached to the pursuit of truth and achieving what is good.

In ordinary examples of life, a footballer or other sports person needs to practice so that they can perform well; this takes effort and time.

  • We do not pass exams without at least some study.

  • We cannot maintain relationships without often hard work

Leaders who promise to do certain popularist things while ignoring other very important, but often challenging issues, give poor leadership.

The economy is important, very important, but not the only important value in society, e.g. the dignity of the human person, safety for all, safeguarding the rights for all, including the least powerful, etc.

We need to ensure that we listen to leaders of integrity who are genuinely in the pursuit of unselfish service and the common good. Leaders who are committed to the common good. Leaders who try to bring healing between disparate groups who can be in conflict with each other.

There is, of course, no perfect human leader. There are good leaders who are about the pursuit of justice, integrity and the common good.

We have had an opportunity to reflect a lot in the last few weeks in the light of the Corona virus challenges.

Hopefully in our reflections we have reinforced our own commitment to the pursuit of the greater good.

Each of us is called to one form of leadership or another. Leaders who are called to lead by example; reflective people who do not just react; people who hold respect for the dignity of all to be high in our priorities; people who do not just seek our comfort; people are not trapped in excessive sensuality but value also the spiritual.

“Lord grant me the wisdom to be an instrument of truth, the courage to do what is in the service of truth, and to love truthfully.”

5 June 2020

5 June 2020