Lazarus and his sisters are friends of Jesus. We are told in the scripture that he loved them.


When Lazarus died, Jesus takes his time getting to the place where the family were.


There was no doubt left in the mind of his sisters and all others that he was truly dead.


When Jesus called him out of the tomb and the dead man did indeed walk out everyone is absolutely amazed.


Death is very hard for us all to deal with.


The feelings that we associate with death are many among which can be emptiness, sadness, numbness anger, confusion etc…


Grief is a journey. We do not deal with it all at once! I know from experience that every now and again, I find myself experiencing strong feelings of grief for people I love who have died.


The resurrection of Jesus is what helps me to manage my feelings of grief.


The rising of Lazarus from the dead is a reminder that in God’s eyes, we all live!


We are reminded that death is not the end.


We are destined to be with God and with each other forever in the deep bond of communion and love. We cannot even begin to imagine what God has in mind for us.


We know that it is so much richer than we have ever known. We know this because of what God has promised…