Light and salt

When I was a boy in the 1950s, I remember how important salt was. Many people did not have fridges. Grandma had an ice box and then graduated to a kerosene fridge.


Fish, meat, and vegetables were often preserved in salt or brine.  This was to stop them from rotting and to preserve the goodness in those products.


Jesus compares us to be like salt in today’s Gospel. As Christians, we are called to be prophetic in preserving perennial values: Values that are forever true such as the dignity of the human person and human life in all its stages.


I have been blessed to have experienced the Australian outback away from cities where the night sky is so bright! How different it is when the clouds cover the sky! You can almost touch the darkness.


Jesus calls us to be light if the world.


As fellow travellers, we are commissioned to be living reminders and sacraments of Jesus for others.


Our western society is probably the first ever not to be guided by some religious tradition in the way that values are upheld.


As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the light of the world. He is The Sacrament of God par excellence. All can benefit by knowing Jesus. He does have the words of eternal Life. He dispels ignorance and the darkness of sin and death.


We of course do not believe that we should impose our values any more than God imposes His will on us.


God invites us to respond to God’s love not force us to love back.


We also are commissioned to invite by witness…


At the beginning of the church, people were attracted to the church because of the loving witness of Christians. We have a vocation to do so in our times.