Living in hope
As a boy, I spent the first 13 years of my life living with my family in Malta before my family and I migrated to Australia.I could still see ruins of buildings, a result of World War II bombings.NATO and Soviet ships were both patrolling the Mediterranean. As children, we were discussing who would win a possible war.I was incredulously amazed at the collapse of the iron curtain and the Soviet empire. This was also coupled with what seemed to be a positive opening of relations with China.Alas, how quickly things can change!No wonder the understanding of ‘Original Sin’ developed in scripture and theology.Humanity is incredibly beautiful and gifted!‘Little less than a god you created us!’ Psalm 8However, we can also be incredibly stupid!!Is that not what sin is? We let the ego dominate us and we give in to unbalanced passions, fear, and act as if we are God!It is possible when we also look at other challenges such as terrorism, corruption, abuse of various types, pandemics etc., to become trapped in pessimism, fear and maybe even hopelessness.Yet in Jesus, we know that we do not need to be trapped.Jesus reminded us: ‘I have overcome the World’ ie the world of sin and the devil.In Jesus and his resurrection, we can always have hope.‘Heaven and earth may pass away but my word (promise) will never pass away!’Prayer and meditation are great antidotes to fear and pessimism.Making time to pray, connecting with nature, and being grateful for the good in our lives are great balancers connecting us with the big picture, the greater truth.


Image credit: Ben White via Unsplash